Monday, January 24, 2011

MKVtools 2.3.1--MacOSX

السلام علیکم
MKVtools is a collection of tools used to manipulate video files. It's primary purpose is to convert mkv files into more user friendly formats for playback on a variety of hardware.
Key features include:

* Convert videos to either .avi files or .mp4 files.
* Extract the selected .mkv tracks as individual video, audio and/or subtitle files.
* Intuitively select desired video, audio and/or subtitle tracks to procces, with the ability to verify the selections using video preview.
* Use presets for one step encoding or passthru copying for playback on a variety of hardware.
* Embed selected subtitle track (i.e., hard subtitles) into the video.
* Control the font, size and positioning of the embeded subtitles.
* Split .mkv videos into sections of a specified file size or by start/end time.
* Extract or delete tracks from .mkv files.
* Join, mux and change the pixel aspect ratio of .mp4 videos.
* Add jobs to a queue either individually or in batches via drag and drop so you can process multiple files overnight (registered copies only).

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